Controller Services

We provide our clients with general ledger accounting, streamlining and management of chart of accounts, develop or refine periodic financial reporting, Improving closing cycles, controls and procedures, management of AR (credit and collections, and management of accounts payable and vendor relations.

Business Development

We provide our clients with the appropriate documentation to operate as a legal entity with both Federal and State (i.e. Articles of Organization, Tax Identification 'Fed/and State', Kit & Seal and Advertisement w/Local Paper).

Payroll & Payroll Facilitation

We provide our clients with accurate payroll, tax reports, and timely tax payments. We also operate as the facilitator for our clients payroll processes. While our clients provide us with total payroll hours per employee, ROP and their check numbers, we provide the monthly and quarterly payroll reports ready to submit to the appropriate agencies.

Software Training

We educate and train our clients on how to utilize the functionality of the accounting software program. However, this does not include training to become a professional bookkeeper.

Tax Planning & Preparation

We provide our clients with the most strategical plan for their tax bracket using valuable tools, tips and tactics for their liabilities throughout the year. We also prepare our clients annual tax forms according to previous years earnings, investments, and contributions.

Bookkeeping & Accounting

We provide our clients with the information they need for preparation of their annual tax return(s) on a cash basis. We also operate as the accounting department for your business, handling all daily financial transactions to include monthly, quarterly, and yearly reporting.

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