About Us

Micah Byrd Bookkeeping & Tax Service is an outsourced accounting firm, which operates year-round providing premium services tailored for the small to medium-sized businesses. Established in 2000, MBBTS has steadily grown in our community by sharing financial information that is impacting the way businesses think and operate.

MBBTS is at the cutting edge of the financial industry by using leading software to provides a working professional level of knowledge. Outsourcing your accounting and business development needs is a viable way to handle all business matters. MBBTS’ use of technology resonates well today’s market, as it is important that our clients feel confident in our ability to provide the necessary services via any form of communication.

In addition, our firm offers diversified packages which is built on providing quality and dependable service. Give us a call today & we will be happy to assess whether our services are a good fit for you!

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